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Cat Killer Got You Down? Pet Postcard Project Donates Food To Shelter Pets

The Miami Cat Killer sliced, diced, chopped, skinned, and gutted his way to infamy, but the outpouring of pet sympathy it sparked proves one thing, people love animals.

The Pet Postcard Project gives you the opportunity to prove it. For every postcard you make and send in using a picture of your pet and some text, they'll donate 1 pound of food to an animal shelter. Send ten simple creations in an envelope for the cost of a stamp and that's a ten pound food donation.

Miami based non-profit pet rescue organization Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue is a direct beneficiary of these donations and dog knows they need your help.

Food Network celebrity chef Rachel Ray recently donated 10 tons of her line of Nutrish Treats to no kill shelters across the country, Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue being one of them

Log on to to learn about positive human/animal interactions in Miami and click the link for Free Dogfood at the top of the page to learn more about the Pet Postcard Project and read through the thousands of cards that the program has received already.


And here are some funny Dog postcards to give you an idea how easy it is to help save lives...

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