Casola's: Make a Slice Into a Hat for This Weekend's Florida Derby

Casola's Pizza in Coconut Grove has slices as big as your head. If you take two bites from one, you can literally use it as a Halloween mask. Or, if you order a wedge of loaded veggie, you can wear it as a hat for this Saturday's Florida Derby.

And, during hurricane season, a single triangle of pepperoni and cheese can act as not only an umbrella, but also as a flood raft. Yet, after one bite of a gooey $3.77 sliver at la Casola's, you won't want to use it as anything but a meal.

And owners of this unassuming Coconut Grove pizzeria, which has been open since 1982, are so confident you'll fall in love with their authentic New York style pizza that eternal free samples always sit, piping hot, on the counter next to the cash registers.

If you're feeling adventurous, check out their Portuguesa Pizza which includes toppings like ham, pepperoni, olives, onions, green peppers, and egg ($19.99 for a 14" pie, $22.99 for a 16", and $24.99 for a 20"). Also available are ostrich-size chicken wings, massive subs, pastas, salads, and gelatos that lure customers all the way from West Palm Beach.

Just be forewarned, they only accept cash. ATM machines are on the premises, but each transaction includes a fee, and who wants to throw away a buck or two when it can go towards another slice?

2437 SW 17th Avenue, Miami

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