Casa Larios: Decent Sunday Special, Terrible Service

Inside Casa Larios, South Miami, are bright colors and lots of space between wooden tables. There is a bar, a stage for live entertainment, a walk-up window, and outdoor seating.

The camarones ceviche ($11.95) is served in a tall glass. The top pieces of shrimp are not sitting in the marinade of lime juice, which provides a sharp, tangy taste. The ceviche also includes slivers of red onion and chopped cilantro. It is a decent-size portion, especially for two, with about ten shrimp included. Pescado ceviche is $9.25.

​Each day, Casa Larios has a different set of specials. Sunday's include caldo gallego, white bean soup ($4.95); vaca frita, shredded flank steak ($11.95); churrasco, Argentine skirt steak ($14.95); arroz con pollo, chicken cooked and served on a bed of yellow saffron rice ($7.25); and cordero asado, roast lamb ($13.75).

The cordero asado is cooked a little too long in some spots, making it dry and tough. Other areas are moist and tender; the meat falls off the bone with ease and tastes spectacular. It is a hit-or-miss kind of dish. The portion is generous, with more than enough lamb for another meal.

All plates are served with rice and plantains, and a request for moros as a substitute for rice was easily satisfied. Service fell off precipitously after our order was taken. We could see our server making frequent runs to the bar and ducking into the side station with food, but we couldn't get his attention to order a Kahlua cortadito ($2.95). Maybe next time.

An additional Casa Larios is located on Flagler.

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