Captain Phyl's Seafood Trucks Sell Keys-Fresh Seafood in Miami

If you've ever pulled up to a red light and seen a fresh-shrimp salesman standing on the sidewalk with a cooler and a posterboard sign then you might live in Miami.

Give thanks we live in a region where seafood is so readily available that entrepreneurs can sell fresh-catch on corners all over Dade.

The truck above belongs to Eduardo Herrera and can be found at the corner of Krome Avenue and Kendall Drive in South Dade.

We called the number on the truck and spoke to Eduardo and he told us who Captain Phyl is, where he gets his catch, and where else you can find his trucks.

Here's what Eduardo had to say (translated from Cuban to English):

I've been doing this for about ten years.

I work on the street in different locations. You can find us at 950 Hialeah Drive, and also at 1020 SW 25 Street.

Everything is freshly caught in the Keys. I have a boat and federal license for grouper, snapper, wahoo, dorado, king mackerel, spanish mackerel, shrimp, the list goes on and on.

I have about 5 people working for me, I can't do everything myself.

I'm from Cuba. I started out fishing shrimp and then I bought my licenses and expanded the business.

Everything is fresh all the time.

Capitan Phyl is my son, es un chamaco que tiene 13 años, nada mas, (he's just a 13 year old kid) I wanted to name it after him.

You can call Captain Phyllip Fish Market at 305-776-5707 or 305-889-1765.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.