Candy Corn Oreos Launch Today (and Other Types of Oreo Lunacy)

Quick! What's the one candy that's been hated by children since the beginning of time? That's right, kiddies: candy corn.

These tasteless bits of wax and sugar have long been the stuff of childhood nightmares. Why these candies are still around is a mystery, because they seem to be sold only once a year to senior citizens who unwittingly throw them into the trick-or-treat bags of young witches and goblins along with equally inedible pennies.

So when the makers of Oreo, the best-loved and best-known cookie on the planet, decided to come up with a limited-edition flavor, it's kind of a disconnect that they would choose candy corn as their flavor of choice. We can think of only two possible reasons:

1. The candy corn lobby shelled out a ton of money in the hopes that some of that Oreo magic would rub off on them.

2. The Oreo research and development team found that its first choice for a new Oreo flavor -- liver and Brussels sprouts swirl -- proved even less popular in focus groups.

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time Oreo has been to the weird-flavor rodeo. Kraft Foods, owner of Nabisco, has long been marketing special regional Oreo flavors to other countries. Here are our favorites:

In China, kids are treated to an after-school snack of green-tea Oreos. 

Indonesia gets blueberry ice-cream Oreos in an attractive shade of lavender.

Two-tone Oreos might be a novelty in the States, but Argentina has had a dulce de leche/banana combo Oreo for years.

Same goes for China, where awesome-looking mango/orange creme Oreos are sold.

Think you're all badass with your Double Stuff Oreos? How about these Oreos x3 from Argentina?

It's like a club sandwich you can dunk in your milk.

And here's the one we're all waiting for.

We'll get our hands on some Candy Corn Oreos and let you know what we think. In the meantime, here are some guys who weren't too impressed:

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