Burger King Lays a Whopper on Washington

The burger blitz continues, but now with a new, ugly twist: A 24-hour Whopper Bar is slated to open on Washington Avenue in South Beach next month. Differences between this and the run-of-the-mill BK: a darker, sleeker décor; delivery by scooter; and longer hours. Bigger difference: "gourmet" burgers such as the BK Black & Bleu Steakhouse with blue cheese, pepper bacon, blackened Cajun sauce, and onions. Biggest difference: beer, such as Bud or Coors, for $4.25 (!) per bottle (Whopper with fries and brew will cost $7.99).

Presumably the "boutique fast-food burger bar" concept brings the same crappy Burger King burgers, gussied up and hosed down with brew, for more money. Thanks, but I'll stick to the local burger joints -- and if a craving for a fast-food burger strikes, I'll go for the fresh beef specimens at Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

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