Burger King Delivery Service Miami Now Hiring; Expands To Houston, New York City

A few weeks ago, Short Order gave the new Burger King delivery service a test run and determined there may be a few kinks still left to work out. We did like the new packaging that keeps the fries and burgers crisp and warm, but the delivery took an hour during the middle of the day. Perhaps in an attempt to address the delay, Burger King recently announced plans to hire 100 new drivers for the delivery service. The service had its test run here in Miami and in Washington, DC starting in October.

This week, the Miami-based worldwide fast food eatery announced delivery expansion to Houston and New York City. Houston was selected due to its high demand for delivery service in a city that is spread out over 656.3 square miles. In expanding to NYC, Burger King is showing signs that it is very serious about succeeding in delivery in the United States as it already has in countries like Turkey, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Brazil. The NYC delivery market is the most competitive in the country, with McDonald's already having years under its belt with its delivery service in Manhattan.

For the Miami delivery expansion, Burger King is looking for drivers who are at least 18 years of age, have a valid driver's license, car insurance and a "good" driving record. Those with a DUI on their record or those who are habitual traffic offenders (HTO) need not apply. Experience is preferred, but not necessary. Drivers will be expected to work between the hours of 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., but will not have to deliver items like fountain drinks, shakes, soft serve desserts, coffee or breakfast items.

The test run here in Miami has uncovered a few key trends, according to a Burger King spokesman. Deliveries occur with about the same frequency for dinner and lunch customers in commercial locations. In residential locations, however, dinner deliveries are much more popular.

Burger King has a separate delivery website -- BKDelivers.com -- that offers a specified menu, delivery locations and tools to manage your account. Look for other fast food eateries like Wendy's to follow suit.

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