Burger Beast to Attempt Four-Pound Burger This Weekend, Scores Production Deal

What's a four-pound burger to a monster? Nothin'. Who can pick a restaurant up by its fry chimney and shake out all its fast food through the drive thru window and into their mouth? The Burger Beast. Who else do you know that can scare a bull into pushing his cow girlfriend into a blazing fire just because the Burger Beast feels like eating some fresh BBQ? Nobody.

The Burger Beast comes from a long line of carnivores whose teeth display traits for flesh tearing and bone crunching. As a human, so do you vegetarian, might as well accept it, embrace it, and head up to Quickies Burgers & Wings in Hollywood (1000 South State Road 7) this Saturday to see the Burger Beast tackle a four-pound burger, and then try to eat it. Here's what the Beast himself had to say about it....

"I been training a lot this week....eating and eating to expand my stomach."

The Beast will also have his personal film crew there. That's because he just scored a deal with Generation ñ, a Latino broadband network where you can also find our friends Sound Theory Live, for his own show. The Burger Beast says:

"The format is based on whatever I wanna do, which means it's gonna be crazy. You can expect 5 to 10 minute episodes of me talking to the camera and me and the cast of characters going out and eating. It'll give a better glimpse of what goes on when we go out and do reviews, which is to bust on each other. The food is gonna be there too, but it's nothin' without us ragging on each other. Or me ragging on everybody."

Short Order:
Hollywood Beast. When's the feature-length movie coming out?

Burger Beast:
As soon as I can get financing.

Short Order:
Watsup with the merchandise?

Burger Beast: We're gonna have shirts at the event. A lot of people have been asking about those. I also got these bracelets like the Lance Armstrong ones, but they say Burger Beast on em'.

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Jacob Katel
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