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Burger Beast Introduces Street Food Fridays

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Food trucks, food trucks, food trucks. You may be tired of hearing about them, fatigued from keeping up with their every move and still trying to figure out which ones are worth driving across town for. But that doesn't mean they're going anywhere in 2011.

On the first Friday of every month starting January 7, a group of roving kitchens will park on NE 14th Street between North Bay Shore Drive and Herald Plaza for the first of Street Food Fridays. The line-up of trucks is chosen by -- surprise -- the Burger Beast, who is organizing the event, with the Miami Herald and La Ley Enterprises, and will debut the Burger Beast Truck. But will the Beast be cooking? You'll have to go and find out for he is keeping mum about the details of his truck.

So go on, embrace the trend and enjoy a mobile lunch. Serving Friday between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. will be: Dim Ssam a Go Go, The Fish Box, gastroPod Miami, Latin House Grill, Latin Burger & Taco, The Rolling Stove and Sugar Rush.

Free parking at the Miami Herald lots.

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