Bunnie Cakes Offers Vegan Pan de Jamón for Christmas

Come Christmas, Venezuelans the world over will be indulging in the undeniably delicious tradition known as pan de jamón. The ham and olive bread is a sweet and savory holiday staple.

But why should vegans or folks with food allergies be deprived of this meaty treat?

Thanks to Bunnie Cakes, the bread has been veganized (and your guests won't know the difference).

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Bunnie Cakes founder Mariana Cortez came up with the idea after she gave up meat in the early 2000s. Pan de jamón was one of her favorites.

"I made the pan de Jamón because it brings me back to my childhood memories, my traditions," she explains.

"I became vegetarian in December of 2002, and the first question my mom asked me was 'And what are you going to do about the pan de jamón?' I used to eat one entire bread by myself! Twelve years later, I still can enjoy it. I veganized it, and now I am able to share my creation with other people."

People can't even tell it's different, she says, so it's the perfect thing to take to your family dinner.

"It's a hit and delicious. People can't believe it's vegan -- that's the reaction we get all the time. It's great even if you're not vegan but may be allergic to eggs or dairy. I invite everyone to try a piece!"

The bread serves about ten people (if you don't eat the whole loaf yourself) and is packed with Tofurkey ham, olives, and raisins.

For $35, you can order it for Christmas dinner by emailing or calling 786-268-9790.

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