Bunnie Cakes Offers Clever Easter Treats

Fuzzy bunnies and chubby chicks are the adorable unofficial mascots of Easter. This is a holiday that's all about the cute. And Miami's Queen of Cute herself, Bunnie Cakes' Mariana Cortez, is paying tribute with charming ducky cakes, bunny cookies, and lots of other spring-themed edibles.

From cupcakes in egg cartons to cakes topped with bunny ears, a variety of custom Easter items are available in vegan and gluten-free vegan options. Easter baskets are even available if you'd rather not scour the stores for plastic grass and gelatin-free jelly beans.

With Easter Sunday around the corner, now is the time to order.

"I love to have the peace of mind during this holiday because my kids can eat whatever they are grabbing from the Easter hunt or the Easter basket," says Cortez, who started Bunnie Cakes to make allergen-free, delicious treats for her children.

"I love to see my kids' faces — they shine every time they ask me: 'I can eat this one, right?' I am able to say, 'Yes, go ahead, you can eat anything from the Easter basket.'"
"Last year I came up with solution of having the regular plastic eggs filled with Bunnie Cakes treats (vegan or vegan gluten-free) and mark them with a gold heart sticker. They know they can only get the ones marked; they loved it. I am offering this option this year too in our Easter menu," Cortez says.

Available for order are bunny cakes, ducky cakes, and Easter basket cakes in very vanilla, chocolate, double chocolate, red velvet, guava, passionfruit, and dulce no leche. They're $47 for a six-inch cake ($54 for gluten-free) and $69 for an eight-inch ($79 for gluten-free).
They're also offering Easter baskets filled with six mini-cupcakes in an egg carton, a bunny cookie, an egg surprise, and a bunny doll. They cost $45 for regular and $48 for gluten-free.

Plus, there are Easter mini-cupcakes in an egg carton — six for $15 ($17 gluten-free) and a dozen for $29 ($32 for gluten-free) — Easter cookies for $3, and an Easter egg hunt pack for $17 ($19 for gluten-free) featuring 12 plastic eggs filled with Bunnie Cakes goodies.

And with a name like Bunnie Cakes, what's better for Easter than that?

To order, email orders@bunniecakes.com, call 786-268-9790, or visit the store at 2322 NE Second Ave., Miami.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.