Bulldog Barbecue: Latin Pop Up Tonight in North Miami

American barbecue, be it Kansas City, Memphis, Texas, or Carolina style, is in -- but what about Latin-style barbecue?

You'd think, especially in Miami, that Latin barbecue would be widely available, but apparently not a single chef has thought of seriously pursuing the concept... until now.

Tonight chefs Ted Mendez of Gibraltar and Howie Kleinberg of Bulldog Barbecue present a pop up Latin barbecue, served family-style.

Chef Howie explains the difference between American and Latin barbecue, "American barbecue is definitely more defined and guests have an expectation of ingredients and dishes, but with Latin barbecue it is more open to interpretation."

As to what inspired the Latin barbecue pop up, chef Howie says, "I launched the pop-up series as a way to feature international barbecue items and to also reunite with chefs I have worked with in the past. I worked with chef Ted Mendez in Puerto Rico and as we are both in Miami it made sense to incorporate the flavors and skills we've learned over the years into Latin Barbecue."

So what constitutes "Latin barbecue" to these two chefs? Here's what's on the menu: Smoked chicken and queso fresco empanadas with guava barbecue sauce, crispy fried shrimp with orange-aji panka glaze, brisket vaca frita, wood grilled hog snapper, and pork squared -- Cuban style roasted pork shoulder, loin, belly, and ribs, with yellow chicharron rice, and sour orange mojo.

Caramelized banana brownie checkerboard sundae with fresh whipped cream and fudge is being served for dessert.

"Barbecue is in every chef's soul as its a common food memory for the majority of us. I never tire of eating and making barbecue. Chef Howie's passion and success with barbecue inspired me to work with him on his Latin barbecue pop-up. Not participating in Bulldog's pop-up dinner series is not an option for me- whether its as a guest or a guest chef," shares Chef Ted.

Chef Howie chimes in, "We want to highlight the flavors of Latin Barbecue through the barbecue and cooking over open flame and charcoal. For example, with the dish Pork Squared you would usually roast the pig whole, but I wanted to take each part of the pig and treat it differently."

The Latin Barbecue Pop Up takes place tonight at Bulldog Barbecue (15400 Biscayne Blvd. Miami). Reservations begin at 6 p.m. and tickets cost $50 (tax and gratuity not included). Call 305-940-9655 or visit bulldog-bbq.com.

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