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Bulldog Barbecue & Burger Presents Miami New Times Tall Order Brisky Burger

Much to my delight, I was invited to Bulldog Barbecue & Burger to create a Miami New Times burger to cap off National Burger Month. After doing copious amounts of research, I visited the North Miami restaurant last Friday with a couple of concepts in mind, and sat down with chef Howie Kleinberg to turn one of my fantasies into a mouth-watering reality.

Kleinberg was dubbed the "Bulldog" by his fellow competitors due to his dogged determination during season three of Top Chef. The Miami local opened Bulldog Barbecue & Burger in 2009, two years after his stint on the show. Bulldog really does know his barbecue and burgers, and he really is tenacious. After we presented our over-the-top burger concept, he said, "I'll make it happen. 'Can't' isn't in my vocabulary."

Good, I thought, because the concept seemed a bit, shall we say, imposing. First, I asked to try some of the ingredients I had in mind, such as Bulldog's special jalapeño marmalade and the house-smoked beef brisket, to make sure that the flavors would mesh. Then the capable Bulldog crew, steered by Kleinberg, made the New Times burger something more that the moist, juicy dream it had previously been.

It starts with Bulldog's soft, challah bun, then all hell breaks loose. On an Angus beef patty foundation, cheddar cheese, beef brisket, bacon, cole slaw, barbecue sauce, jalapeño marmalade, and crispy onions, unite to form the perfect burger. Three types of meat and five toppings -- that's one tall order -- one savory, meaty, flavorful tall order.

We had a couple of tasters on hand and we all agreed, the New Times burger is one tasty burger. I'm keeping my other concept under wraps for now, because it may make it onto the menu as the Fuming Foodie burger.

Starting today, you can get the Miami New Times Tall Order Brisky Burger (MNTTOBB) with your choice of plain, chipotle, or sweet potato fries for $15. Bring your appetite.

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