Brother Jimmy's BBQ Has Frickles! Try the Special Cuban Sandwich

From the fantastical food world of frings (french fries plus onion rings) and cronuts, we present you with the frickle. Yes, you guessed it, that's a fried pickle. The crunch of a dill contained in golden fried battered. But wait, there's more.

Brother Jimmy's BBQ in Brickell serves frickles on the regular as an appetizer. But if you are lucky enough to be there when the joint offers its Cuban sandwich ($11.95) as a special, you will get frickles pressed between medianoche bread.

Frickles in a Cuban sandwich? If you are ready to call blasphemy, we don't blame you, but don't forget this is the place where pigs already fly.

Sure, this sammie that comes with a side has the regular fixings, but it isn't your abuela's sandwich. Just like the fried Brussels sprouts that we had with our sandwich, this dish hits the mark in a way that should be so very wrong. The pork might be a bit dry (relax, there is sauce on the table to moisten it), the ham might be a little wet, and the cheese a tad rubbery, but pressed between the bread, it just works.

This special sandwich is perhaps the ultimate medianoche snack. As much as we hate to channel our inner Snooki, sometimes in the wee hours we just want something filling, fried, and out of the pickle jar. In fact, this little piggy can go wee, wee, wee all the way home if you pair this frickle-riddled sandwich with a pickle back at the bar.

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