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Breast Milk Ice Cream Confiscated

We tasted some pretty funky flavors at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival this past week, but -- from what we can tell at least -- breast milk wasn't one of them. However, according to an AP story released just a few hours ago, government officials in London recently yanked "Baby Gaga," vanilla and lemon ice cream infused with booby juice, out of a London shop after the brand sold out.

Customers paid nearly $23 for a serving, and women signed up to donate their milk for future cartons, manufacturer's reps say.

FYI, viruses, including hepatitis, can be passed through breast milk, though the reps claim the milk was screened before being pasteurized.

So we have to wonder what's next: Semen pudding? Saliva pie? Booger brownies?

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Riki Altman