Bread + Butter's Elena Ruz: Great Inspiration for Thanksgiving Leftovers

Elvis Presley has his famous peanut butter and banana sandwich, and Elena Ruz has hers.

Here's how the story goes: In the 1930s, Ruz was a young socialite in Cuba. One day, she wandered into Havana's El Carmelo restaurant and requested a very specific sandwich. She wanted turkey, cream cheese, and strawberry jam. Decades later, the sandwich is a staple at many Cuban restaurants.

And you can certainly find it in Miami. During lunch, Bread + Butter in Coral Gables serves a modern version. It's the ultimate turkey sandwich -- one that can easily be re-created at home with Thanksgiving leftovers.

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This Elena Ruz ($12) requires two hands to hold. It's a double-decker packed with thin and thick slices of roast turkey. It's a serious sandwich.

Bread + Butter is known for adding playful, innovative touches to Cuban cuisine. In this case, the restaurant takes the traditional cream cheese up a notch by employing pistachio goat cheese instead. Also, the strawberry jam is replaced with a papaya variety, which provides a tropical kick.

The best part: This sandwich is served with mariquitas -- slivers of deep-fried plantain. If you're a pro, you'll ask for the mariquitas stuffed inside the sandwich.

So if you're craving a turkey sandwich after the big day, use the Elena Ruiz as inspiration for your creation. All you'll need is bread, turkey, jam, and tangy cheese.

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