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Bocce Bar's New Menu: Oxtail Canneloni, Beet Ravioli, and Squid Ink Gnocchetti (Photos)

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Tackett comes to Miami with quite the resume. Formerly, the chef could be found cooking pasta at Scott Conant's Scarpetta in NYC. He was also executive sous chef at Alto, under the direction of James Beard winner Michael White. It's safe to say that Italian cuisine is his forte.

At Bocce, he's taken the new menu transition quite slowly. "We didn't want it to be rough for the staff and teaching everyone so we broke it up into three phases," says Tackett. "First with pasta and cold appetizers, then with hot appetizers, and lastly we'll be doing lunch. We're still looking at the format for that."

Tackett worked very closely alongside Fuschillo (whose former stunt was also Scarpetta in NYC) on the new menu, incorporating local products whenever possible and taking inspiration from some Italian classics to create new dishes that aren't too far outside the box.

Short Order was invited to get a sampling of the new menu. To effectively sample everything without rolling out of there, dishes were downsized to tasting portions.

Insalata di barbatietola was light and crisp. Beets, gorgonzola, watercress, peaches, and almonds all made an appearance. A full portion will set you back $11.

For something with more texture, the insalta di mare is as refreshing but packs a bite thanks to sepia, octopus and shrimp. Arugula and avocado provide the greens, while a saffron mussel vinaigrette adds that sazon ($14 for the full serving).

Moving into the pasta dishes, the cannelloni di coda stuffs the house made and baked pasta with braised oxtail and taleggio cheese. "Nunzio and I were talking about doing something bigger and heavier when we came up with this dish. We both love oxtail so it made sense and I love the idea of telaggio cheese but not too much so it's overbearing." If you sense a hint of goat cheese, it's because Tackett's added a touch to the dish. It was exceptional. (Full portion costs $18).

"Maybe the idea of oxtail throws people off, but we hope people will see that these dishes are very soulful but still simple." The same can be said for the orecchiette with the duck ragu, which has been left untouched on the menu.

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