I know you want some...I know you want some 'cause you're a #HungryGirl.
I know you want some...I know you want some 'cause you're a #HungryGirl.
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"Blurred Lines" Food-Related Parodies: Watch The Awesomeness Here (Video)

We're sort of obsessed with Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." In fact, we'll even go so far as to confess to taking writing breaks to dance around the office. Maybe it's the catchy "Got to Give It Up" sampling and the '70s funk vibe, but it's the song of the summer of 2013.

And with success come parodies. Many, many parodies. A simple YouTube search will come up with parodies from Alan Thicke (Robin's dad), the Muppets, and an amazing gender-bending version. But, of course, all our thoughts turn to food.

We found Aja Dang's sexy version, which has her and a few girlfriends craving sweets more than sex, singing "the way you hooked me...must be the glucose" and uses #HungryGirl.

Then comes this awesome version, entitled, "Blurred Vines," from Jordan Winery in Sonoma, California. The mid-sized winery has its own video production department, and specializes in telling the story of their wines through video. Blurred Vines was obviously a no-brainer for the vineyard, who use the song to tell the story of a wine geek that loses the girl every time by not being fun enough:

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