Blueprint Cleanse Days Three & Four: Survival of the Fittest

Wondering why I got into this cleansing thing and how the juices taste? Read all about it:  Part One and Part Two.

By the time you read this, I'll probably be fully cleansed. Jealous? You should be. But keep in mind that while I've been slurping down a Blueprint Cleanse (BPC) juice every other hour, I've been envious of you and the other 99% of the population who got to eat whatever they wanted for the past few days. [That is, unless you are a homeless person who had no such luxury. You folks just ignore my thoughtless comment. Sorry.]

Funny thing is, I've been craving things I don't usually eat, like pizza. But it's not even the taste of pizza I want; it's just the ability to sink my teeth into something with give. I swear, when a Papa John's commercial came on television last night, I almost attacked the screen. And I haven't eaten that stuff since college.

But let's answer your more pressing questions:

1. Did I cheat? 

Perhaps. I did stick a few pieces of gum in my mouth here and there, mostly to cover up the scent of beets or cucumber on my breath. And I'll admit to having a cup of black tea with stevia once, but that's only because there was no green tea to be had. That's not exactly falling off the wagon, is it?

2. Did I lose weight? 

Hard to tell. I do feel like my stomach looks flatter and all my clothes have been fitting well, though.

3. How were my energy levels?

Amazing, but mostly first thing in the morning. I did experience my usual 3 to 4 p.m. nap time fantasy each day, but I somehow managed to make it through the Core Fusion class at Exhale at 5:45 p.m. without keeling over (and I'm no exercise guru, for sure).

4. Would I do it again?

Hmm. Tough call. If a doctor told me another three-day cleanse would help me get rid of some horrid disease, definitely. If a girlfriend asked me to do it because she was going to give it a try and misery loves company, definitely not. (Thankfully my best buddy didn't subject me to that guilt trip when she went on the 10-day Master Cleanse last year. She's a brave, brave woman.)

5. Would I recommend BPC? 

For sure. Not that I have anything to compare it to, but the juices didn't taste gawd-awful, the concept is cool, and the company couldn't have been more laid-back. It's not like I had someone calling me every hour to make sure I was still sipping, nor did they force me to do any crazy journaling and such. Plus, I only had to pick the darn things up once at a location only minutes from my place, instead of schlepping out six times each day. 

6. What did I learn from the experience?

Lots. First, I learned that even a food-aholic can survive on liquids alone. Secondly, it quickly became abundantly clear that I eat way, way too much. If only one 16-ounce bottle could keep me full for a few hours, there's no reason I need to pound an entire Porterhouse at one sitting. Third, I realized I could actually survive not one, but two hard-core workouts two days in a row. (I stopped before the third. One major life change at a time was enough.)

I also learned that I can go from zero to Super Bitch in a matter of seconds if I don't get my regular supply of snacks. And it can get lonely being on a cleanse. Heck, it's not like I could suck down a bottle of veggies while my friends are having lunch at The Ritz, right? 

Now then, as to what I will eat first when I finish the cleanse. I imagined perhaps I could go on a dim sum binge or pork out on some barbecue, but my aforementioned buddy said such behavior may only result in some serious biological revenge. Check back on Monday and I'll share a recipe for something sensible that I may just have to munch on while I wean off the juice: Blueprint's marinated kale salad.

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