Blue Mountain Coffee Now at Starbucks

On this, the morning after a frolicking July 4th weekend, you might find yourself in want of a good cup of coffee. Or maybe you crave something better than that, like a cup of coffee made from some of the world's most heralded beans -- those from Jamaica's Blue Mountains. You can get some right now at Starbucks, which is featuring the coffee at its stores in Miami and just six other cities. One caveat: It's being brewed only at the Starbucks that use a Clover Brewing system. The Lincoln Road Starbucks in South Beach has one; you'll have to call your favorite branch to see if it, too, has one.

The whole beans are being sold for $40 per half-pound, although before you shell out that sort of money, you might want to sample some first to see what you think. A 16-ounce Grande of Blue Mountain is $5 ($5.25 if you fly to NYC to try it), which is a few dollars more than most folks are usually willing to pay for a cup o' joe. But it's not out of reach for serious coffee-imbibers who want to savor the real deal -- these aren't the same beans you get in those Blue Mountain coffee bags sold at Costco, TJ Maxx, etc. Plus the Starbucks barista can probably do a better job of brewing it than you can at home -- each cup is ground and brewed upon order using the Clover system (sort of a hybrid coffee press/vacuum press).

Jamaica Blue Mountain, described as imparting "mild citrus notes, a smooth milk chocolate finish, and an intense aroma," will be offered through August 30 "or until it runs out." 

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