Black Widow Chef Touts Poison Salad

UK: In a recent article in Healthy and Organic Living magazine, celebrity chef Antony Worrall "Black Widow" Thompson (pictured above), advised readers to scour their yard for fresh henbane as an excellent addition to a whole foods diet. When an interviewer asked Thompson if he uses any wild foods, Thompson replied: "We have a lot of things growing near the restaurants. We use a lot of nettles at this time of year, mainly for soup. The weed [henbane ]* is great in salads."

Only problem: Henbane contains a deadly poison that can cause hallucinations, convulsions and death.

Editors later offered a correction: Worrall Thompson had confused the poisonous plant with fat hen - an edible weed said to be delicious in salads.

Read the full article here.


fat hen

fat idiot

--Gail Shepherd

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