Black Friday Endurance Shopping: A Nutritional Plan for Optimal Performance

Black Friday deals this year will be even better than usual. According to Bloomberg, if customers bought everything on the Toys "R" Us circular this year, they would save $12,500, up from $11,000 last year. Stores are opening earlier, giving you and the other ravenous holiday deal shoppers even more time to claw, kick, and elbow your ways to $19 Gap jeans and J.C. Penney's $30 kids' camcorders.​

With competition this fierce, you've got to fuel up like a champion endurance athlete if you're going to score the best schwag. Otherwise, you'll be panting and sweating on the sidelines, watching the better-hydrated, better-fed shoppers scoop up the $275 laptops you've been salivating over all week.

Luckily, we've got a nutritional plan that will ensure you take gold in the Black Friday deal-grabbing Olympics. However, we are not responsible for anyone who sustains injuries at your enraged and over-fortified shopping-obsessed hands.

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Camille Lamb
Contact: Camille Lamb