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BK Tops the Dollar Cheeseburger Derby

​Ah, the dollar menu -- the primary source of sustenance for many a student and hobo. Each has its own strong points, but all that we visited had one thing in common: a cheeseburger. (For argument's sake, we are defining "burger" as any roll-based sandwich featuring an ingredient restaurants self-identify as beef.)


As a nod to multiculturalism, Taco Bell's 99-cent soft taco also make an appearance in this buck burger round-up, which is organized by order of preference.

5. McDonald's cheeseburger

There are certainly better burgers in this world, but none for as cheap as you can get one of these puppies. It's delicious, has BACON, and tastes much closer to a real cheeseburger than any of the others on this list.

You might not realize how weird the McDonald's burgers taste until you have one of these -- it's startling, to bite into one and actually be aware that you're eating meat. The only way you realize that with a McDonald's burger is when you chip a tooth on a hunk of cow bone.

And the sauce -- oh heavens, that sauce. Say what you will about the Big Mac sauce, but the stuff they're putting on these things is heavenly. Between that and the bacon, the single stacker packs in 700 mg of sodium, but if you're going to be sucking down dollar-menu burgers, this is definitely the way to go.

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