Bistro 1401 Opens on Coral Way

Chef Fabio Pizelman's Bistro 1401 is barely a month old now and it's already become a neighborhood favorite. Diners, friends and online reviews all concur. Located on the corner of SW 14th Avenue and Coral Way, the 40-seat eatery serves up traditional Argentinian dishes mixed with Italian inspiration.

Fulfilling a life long dream, Pizelman and his partner revived the old Decadencia spot with the idea of serving up "gourmet, home cooking." The chef celebrates his own heritage -- you guessed it -- Argentine and Italian -- through the menu. All of the pastas are homemade, and diners can mix and match the pastas with a selection of slow-cooked sauces. Pizelman's favorite is the four cheese caramelloni with creamy pesto.

If pasta is out of the question, diners can enjoy other items such as the provoleta, a grilled slab of ooey-gooey provolone cheese, or the portobello tower, piled high roasted portobello mushrooms, prosciutto and mozzarella drizzled with a touch of balsamic. If the chef's faves don't make the cut, perfectly grilled steaks are always on call.

As a new restaurateur, Chef Fabio promises two things - plenty of food and affordable prices. Completely in tune with the country's current economic situation, he says, "I think in order to be successful, you need to really feed people. Don't let them go hungry. But also, don't kill them with the price." Appetizers start at $6; entrees and large salads max out at $15, $19 for grilled steaks; and the hand made pastas he's so proud of start at $11 for a simple spaghetti and go up to $19 for fresh lobster tortelllni. Desserts are also all hecho en casa.

Pizelman was very clear about one point. People dining at Bistro 1401 should feel at home. He is going to be the one greeting you on the way in, stuffs you in between and bids you farewell on the way out. With his guests' experience being the focal point, Bistro 1401 even takes on a homey feel, full of dark wood, quaint and casual decor and great music. Weekends tout live music with varying acts and groups.

His parting thought, "If you're on a first date, come in, I'll guarantee you a second one."

Short Order's parting thoughts: Bistro 1401, welcome to the hood. We wish you the best of luck. Let's hope you deliver what you promise."

Bistro 1401
1401 SW 22nd Street, Miami

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