Big Trouble In Little Midtown

Menu Pages South Florida is reporting that a new Mexican joint is slated to open in Midtown later this year.

"Mercadito, a popular upscale Mexican restaurant in New York, is coming to Midtown Miami sometime this winter."

The report doesn't make clear whether it means Midtown as a general geographical area, or Midtown as in The Shops At, but if they're referring to the micro-metro area housing offices, residences, businesses and restaurants then I gotta say, hey Mercadito, we already got Lime. Now, the concepts and menus are totally different, but given the current roster of eateries there, 5 Guys and Lime, Mercadito coming in could spark a civil war.

Lime, though not "cheap" in the truest sense of the word, in this case represents the working class and the homeland, while Mercadito represents expensive tequila, foreigners, and aristocracy. Is there room for both? Will they fight each other to put butts in the seats? Will it cause the great taco war of 2009? Stay tuned to find out.

Personally, I'm waiting for a chicken wing joint. Somebody with some capital needs to throw the switch on the fryers and start putting em out hot and buffalo style, that's where the money is.

P.S.:  Lime, your website is bien jodido, please fix it.

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