Big Sexy's Sinful Sweets

Most of us have no idea what's going down in California, do we? The place is like a foreign country. I mean, I knew that "medical marijuana" was legal with a prescription, and that dispensaries were located around the city of Santa Monica for people suffering from glaucoma and AIDS. But if you'd told me that these New Age drug stores were legally selling pot brownies, nut mixes infused with hashish, and tea-laced Rice Crispie treats, I would have died laughing.

While I was out in CA last month I met a girl who had a pot prescription for restless leg syndrome; she kindly offered to make a run down to the clinic in the interests of culinary research. I sure as hell didn't expect her to come back and hand me a cellophane package labeled "Big Sexy's Sinful Sweets." I thought these marijuana clubs would at least make a half-assed attempt to disguise the partytime aspect of their product. But dude, they were flaunting it. The brownie she handed me was a potent combination of sex, sin, chocolate, and a serious buzz -- no wonder the DEA is pissed!

I fell in love with the idea: You can get your munchies on and satisfy them in the same bite. This brownie was huge, heavy, delicious, and made with pure organic ingredients (recipe for pot butter, to make your own, here). And I'll tell you, that baby packed a wallop. Definitely my dessert of choice. And guess what? No more restless legs.

- Gail Shepherd

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