Big Gay Ice Cream Social Returns During SoBeWFF

We have good news for those who like to fight for marriage equality in Florida in the sweetest way possible.

The Big Gay Ice Cream Social will return to Miami Beach during the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

Join celebrity chef Art Smith poolside for an afternoon of fun and free ice cream for a cause Saturday, February 22, from 1 to 4 p.m. at the James Royal Palm Hotel. Once again, the Big Gay Ice Cream guys will travel from New York's big freeze to give Miami some shivery delights -- this time with even more goodies to savor.

Douglas Quint, cofounder of the ice-cream sensation with tongue-in-cheek flavors such as Bea Arthur, Salty Pimp, and Cocone, can't wait to bring his message of frozen dairy products and marriage equality back to Miami.

"Last year was fantastic," says Quint. "We were very happy with it, especially considering it came together in about ten days! We had lovely ice cream, lots of fun chefs from the festival, and a number of locals came in to enjoy it all. We got nice press for Florida's push for marriage equality... We couldn't have been happier. Where else could someone from Miami hobnob with Anne Burrell and a drag queen, eat some ice cream, and do it all for free for a good cause? Yay!"

In addition to free ice cream, besties Art Smith and Lorena Garcia will collaborate on a special bite, and Florida Cookery's Billy Boyle is loaning Quint both kitchen time and an ice-cream batch freezer for the big day. That means Miami might finally get its first taste of Salty Pimp (you know you're curious).

Jenn Louis -- chef at Sunshine Tavern and Lincoln in Portland, Oregon, and Top Chef Masters contestant -- will make a special ice-cream topping for the occasion. The Big Gay guys will also bring down ice pops by La Newyorkina.

Let's not forget that the free ice cream also comes with a message of marriage equality for all. Remember the first time you shared a cone with your high school crush? That was a magical moment. And because a sundae with two spoons sometimes leads to happily ever after, a fairy-tale ending should never be off-limits if the people in love happen to be the same sex.

Speaking of commitments, we asked Quint when he and cofounder Bryan Petroff would finally settle down and open a shop in Miami -- ya know, put a ring (pop) on it, so to speak. While Quint told us he wasn't ready to commit to opening in Miami, he did say the ice-cream partners are building a truck this year that will cruise the East Coast -- and "Miami is absolutely going to be seeing that truck. And me in it."

So, until Big Gay Ice Cream decides to spend eternity with Miami, you bet we'll take a one-night stand in February and a romance-on-wheels later this year. Because any ice cream that compels Anthony Bourdain to dress like a priest has our seal of approval.

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