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Best Cheap Beers: If You Must Buy at a 24-Hour Gas Station, Here Are Your Choices

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8. Mickey's
Malt liquor is still beer, and although most of it will leave you vomiting in the parking lot, some of it can be damn tasty -- and cheap. Take Mickey's for example, which is good for buying in bulk. A 40-ounce bottle can be purchased from 99 cents to $2.99, depending on market demand and the neighborhood. Smaller 6-pack bottles can be purchased for about five to six bucks. If the taste is too wretched to bear, Mickey's has this pictogram-type game under the bottle caps.

7. Pabst Blue Ribbon
Drinking PBR may have been part of that high school game of drinking beers with names resembling bodily functions, but it is not a bad-tasting swill. It ain't exactly the cheapest either, a 12-pack case is hard to find under $10 (remember when they were six or seven bucks?). If you close your eyes while swigging on a can, it kind of tastes like an India Pale Ale.

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