Benihana Teppanyaki Announces Renewal, Better Shrimp, Beef, Chicken and More Japan

Ever been to Benihana Teppanyaki and bemoaned the "lack of Japan" in the place? The company is addressing your concerns on that point and others.

Miami headquartered Benihana Inc., which operates 65 Benihana teppanyaki restaurants, 25 RA Sushi Bars, and 9 Haru sushi restaurants, recently concluded its 2009 annual meeting of stock holders, held at the Marriott in Doral.

In what's being hailed as the Benihana Teppanyaki Renewal Program, the chain has decided to implement menu and dining enhancements like upgrading their tenderloin specs to USDA Choice, using higher quality shrimp product, and introducing new sake drinks.

They're also particularly interested in increased seating at South Florida waterfront locations. A new menu being introduced on October 1st includes a 12 oz Imperial Steak, Spicy Tofu Steak, Colossal Mango Shrimp and others, and the company pledges not to raise the price on entrees.

"Lack of Japan" refers to the company's interest in promoting Japanese culture in the U.S. through restaurants. This goes back to founder Rocky Aoki's vision for the brand. Steps for updated Japanification include naming Chef Hiroyki Sakai as Executive Culinary Advisor and contracting Japanese designer Ms. Eriko Horiki for interior enhancements.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.