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Behind The Line: STK at The Gansevoort South Beach

STK at the Gansevoort South Beach is the nightlife answer to the steakhouse. A dark lit room, restaurant DJ, velvet ropes, a doorman, stilettos, and silicone all add up to black cards, bottles, and hot fired flesh from land and sea, truffle oil in the air, and the sides to go with it.

Business is booming like bass in the trunk of a '63 Impala. We spent a couple hours in the kitchen this past Saturday night where Miami native, star chef (read the bio), Alberto Cabrera said, "It's gonna be crazy tonight. We got 500 coming in. Get ready."

More pictures after the jump, but in case you can't get enough of STK , click here for our slideshow.

Foot long streams of ticket paper full of lobster, steak, and sides printed ceaselessly as the large crew of servers, washers, cooks, and staff hived busily in the low-ceilinged basement level kitchen factory.

When some of those tickets blew out of order Cabrera said, "Turn off the air! Someone turn off the fuckin' air. Please! Shit's driving me up the fucking wall." Emotions run high when a $50,000 night is at stake.

When a server made the egregious error of ordering one of the few remaining of a particular special (the Tomahawak steak) to fire well before the rest of the items from the table Cabrera joked, "Can you send Alex the server over so I can beat him to death with the Tomahawk?"

Maintaining a consistent level of excellence and minimizing fuckups is important at any restaurant. Here too, where the likes of Kim Kardashian, Lebron James, Adam Sandler, Chris Brown, the Dolphins rookies, and "lots of CEO's" are the typical guests.

Here are a series of images you won't see in our official Behind The Line Slideshow of STK at The Gansevoort South.

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