Chef Ivo Mazzon of Joey's Cafe in Wynwood is from Roncade, Treviso, in Northern Italy, close to Venice. He studied there for five years at a hospitality institute and has been in Miami since April, 2003. He says "I love it here. We're trying to make something special to create an identity for a desperate spot in Miami. About cooking I'm dreaming night and day...about simple dishes, but with my own special touch. For example, I prefer to make a deconstructed lasagna."

Behind the Line at Joey's Wynwood

Ulises Schiffino, self described "pizza master" has worked at Pucci's, Gino's, Cicco's, and Venezia among other establishments and says of Joey's Cafe "It's the best bro, the best in Miami, not only the pizza, the best in Miami period, with the best boss in my life, fo' real."

Joey's Cafe bartender Karen Sandquest says "I love it, it's a great atmosphere here. Every day more people come. The location is not the best, but people come from all over, they love the food and the wine. Chianti Classico is the most popular, but usually people know what they want when they get here. I'm from Bogota, Colombia and I've been in Miami 11 years."

Thea Goldman owns Joey's cafe along with husband Joey Goldman and loves the aromatic herb garden in the outdoor dining area. "We have rosemary, mint, orange, come smell this orange blossom, isn't it just amazing?"

Joey's Cafe is a great addition to Wynwood and is the first and landmark destination in the Wynwood Cafe district. People say it's a blighted area, but it's a geographical goldmine, 5 minutes from the beach, 5 minutes from the airport, 2 minutes from the highway, up the street from downtown and down the street from North Miami. Expect explosive growth from this neighborhood full of art and culture. View the full slideshow here.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.