Beer, Bacon, Spam, and Pickles: Ten Wacky Xmas Ornaments

For foodies like us, the holiday season is all about eating, drinking and well, eating some more. Seriously, it's why we wear stretch pants for the entire month of December.

To carry the tradition past the table -- there are all kinds of funky food and drink themed decorations to give your home that tasty -- albeit, offbeat, touch.

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10. The German Christmas Pickle If you've ever seen a pickle on a friend's Christmas tree and wondered what the hell a briny cucumber was doing hanging next to the twinkly lights, here's the scoop: supposedly, in German tradition, families would hang a pickle somewhere in the Christmas tree. The first kid to find it got a special treat (and presumably, the pickle). Nowadays, glass has replaced the real thing. 9. Morel Mushroom For the hard core mushroom enthusiasts (apparently there are some out there), you can hang this realistic looking fungus front and center. 8. Bud Light bottles If you can't get enough of the world's classiest beer, this is one way to commemorate your love. 7. Bacon Everyone's favorite pork product now comes in glass. Not as tasty as the real thing, but far more animal friendly. 6. Mojito What's more Miami than the overplayed mojito? Hang this especially limey version on your tree for some non-alcoholic enjoyment. 5. Patron The best part? When Christmas is over, you can take it down and drink it up. Or, save it for stress relief during a particularly unpleasant holiday moment - there are bound to be more than a few. 4. Gingerbread Zombie What's better than gingerbread? Zombie gingerbread! Pick up some undead deliciousness and pay tribute to the upcoming apocalypse, to boot. 3. McDonald's Hash Browns If you're really, really, really into McDonald's breakfast, you can cherish it all December long -- and past 10 a.m., too. 2. Spam Spam: It's not just for breakfast lunch dinner ... well, we're not actually sure when you're supposed to eat the stuff, but either way, now you can have it for Christmas. The ornament comes complete with the story of Spam written on the flip side. Sweet. 1. Turducken Yeah, you heard right. A Turducken ornament exists. This brilliant craftswoman will make you one for $15, and you can celebrate the world's weirdest entree all Christmas long.

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