Beer and Babes At The DRB: What Else Could You Ask For in a Happy Hour

Place: Democratic Republic of Beer
255 NE 14th Street, Miami

Hours: Monday through Friday, 4-7:30 p.m.

Deals: Special six-pack beer menu with varying prices.

Scene: One minute you'll be drinking a German Kostritzer at the Democratic Republic of Beer (DRB) and the place will be empty and five minutes later three groups of 5 ladies each will magically appear and take up about every bar seat, couch and table inside and out of the joint. That's the thing about the DRB. For a place that specializes in beer, there sure are a lot of hot women who show up for happy hour.

The tight digs and the stylish interior (props for the tastefully done mirrors on the ceiling--and that's saying something) only add to the allure. Juxtapose those feminine attributes against 400 varieties of brewskis and we're not sure where that leaves you, but it makes for good conversation. And if you're worried the DRB might be going soft, take note: the happy hour special features 16, 6-pack varieties (with six different beers in each) at any one time. Some are great deals as cheap as the $15 "Po Boy" (including PBR), or as pricey as the "Macdaddy Six Pack of All Six Packs" (we'd mention the names but they would be lost on most of us) for $65, which we are told is actually a good deal.

The food menu is almost as diverse as the beer menu and we give props to those who wrote it--it's funny and you might actually learn something by reading it. The actual food is even better. Try the Camarones A La Diabla or the Chicken Tikka Masala but make sure to finish it off with a Lambic (beer) float.

Conclusion: DRB hasn't' been around for long but it's making up for its youth with high marks on a wide selection of brews and foods, a cool space and a happening vibe. A little birdy told us the DRB will be growing its brand soon. That's cool. But our vote is to keep things the same at the original.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.