Beef, Milk, and Bread Prices Go Up; Pork Belly Goes Down

Going vegan might be a good resolution this year.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is predicting rising food prices, and beef and dairy products are on the list.

The Los Angeles Times reports that because of the lengthy process of preparing cattle for sale, beef prices will remain high for the next several years.

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A 1 percent increase in the price of fluid milk will increase prices across the board for dairy products, such as butter and cheese.

Another food item expected to go up is wheat, affecting the prices of items such as cereal and bread.

Perhaps the most pain will be felt by chocoholics, due to the rising price of butter. One commercial chocolatier told the Los Angeles Times that it raised prices as much as thirty to forty percent last year due to the rise.

Although beef, dairy, bread, cereal, and chocolate will be more costly in 2014, there is one bit of good news: The price of corn is falling.

So what, you ask? Lower corn prices means pig farmers have lower expenses, which translates to cheaper bacon.

The price of pork belly has already dropped a whopping 23 percent and is expected to decrease further in 2014.

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