Become a Certified Bartender: Only $25 With Voice Daily Deals

Here's the scenario.

You've got this great friend (or maybe it's you) who loves to host cocktail parties. Only problem is that his idea of a classic cocktail is adding booze to some crayon-colored mix in a bottle.

If your buddy's idea of a "specialty cocktail" is Kool-Aid and vodka" (we actually know someone who makes this abomination and loves it), we've got the best holiday present for him or her -- or you: a certified bartending course from Bartending College Online for $25 with our Voice Daily Deal.

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Bartending College Online offers a complete bartending program where students receive access to online training for a lifetime -- which means being able to brush up on your martini skills anytime, anywhere. Complete the course and you'll get a certificate to prove you're a real bartender.

The course is interactive and includes 16 challenging exams (so you can't just cheat and say you know how to make a Harvey Wallbanger), pour-tester games, and mobile flash cards. There's also an online community forum and a toll-free number for assistance.

The course is great for both the home bartender as well as someone wanting to make a career of mixology. Bottom line: Bartenders are cool. You want to be cool, and this is a much better investment than that $25 trucker cap with a built-in bottle cap opener.

You can purchase as many $25 Daily Deals as you'd like (get one for all of your friends and do your "homework" together), but all students must be "legal local bartending age" (varies by state). You buy a voucher that can be redeemed for the online class before July 6, 2014.

To get your bartending class voucher, visit voicedeailydeals.com.

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