Beck's Green Box Project Comes to CocoWalk

Beer companies are not exactly known for their intellectual appeal. Miller Lite's Tastes Great-Less Filling and Budweiser's Whassup? campaigns are only topped by Old Milwaukee's Swedish Bikini Team. We're not knocking it. The messages are loud, clear and effective, resulting in  $101 billion dollars spent on beer annually by the U.S. consumer.

But Beck's, that German import in the green bottle, is taking a different route with its virtual art gallery called the "Green Box Project." This 6.5-foot glowing cube is designed to appeal to the "independent thinking" beer drinker. With the help of your iPhone or iPad you can "unlock" the box and see what's inside. "You have, so to speak, a pair of glasses that allows you to experience what is inside the Beck's green box", said Peter van Overstraeten, global marketing manager for the brand.

So what's inside? Sorry folks, no beer. "Every box is filled with a piece of art, fashion, music or design or a combination of those."

So head down to CocoWalk with your iPhone and catch a piece of beer advertising history. The Green Box will be up through the end of August.

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