Be Organic is a catering operation on a mission to spread the gospel of healthy food that tastes good. Founding members Chad Cherry, Roosevelt Desir, Kirk Nelson, and Andre Walker are on what they call a "takeover tour to go into places and educate people about the organic lifestyle." In September the group will begin a bicycle pilgrimage across the state of Florida that will take them on a 40 mile a day journey for 40 consecutive days.

"We're pedaling for better health, nutrition, holisitics, and green jobs" says Chad. Be Organic's reasons for spreading the benefits of the organic lifestyle are personal, two of the chefs are diabetic and one is a cancer survivor. The four chefs seek to show that anybody can eat healthy and enjoy it. "We take the health benefits of organics and incorporate them into food that tastes good, that's the way to make it for everybody. The only thing stopping people is education. Most people think it's too expensive, that's just not true. We're here to show you how to do it."

Here are some more Be Organic images and web info to find out more about the movement.

Be Organic Catering Company Launch Organic Takeover to Get Miami and the World Eating Healthy

Wanna know more? Log on to organictakeover.tumblr.com

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