Barack Obama Needs to Lead or Get Out of the Way

I am so sick and tired of Barack Obama. How many of you saw him on Jay Leno last night, putting on his tired old shtick about how his wife is stronger and more in shape than he is, how his health advocate wife secretly loves French fries and pizza, and how the White House was going to get egged on Halloween if she kept giving out raisins and fruit instead of candy?

The president's jokes are so weak that it's no wonder Michelle wears the pants in the family.

Besides his lame attempts at humor and the presidency, he also needs to stop trying to be such a people pleaser. If his wife is trying to get the nation's kids in shape, Mr. Obama needs to stop munching on unhealthy food just to prove he's a "regular guy."

How many times have we seen the president visit a city famous for its (insert here -- waffles and fried chicken, burgers, deep fried corn dogs) and then see him flash that nauseating "aw shucks, I'm just like you" grin before going to town? Fat, unhealthy, diabetes and heart disease town, that is.

Don't get me wrong, if Obama wants to wolf down a platter of fried chicken wings and waffles, he can go ahead. I mean, he is, retch, the president of the United States of America. But, and this is a big, cellulite-laden, cottage cheese but, he should do so in the privacy of his own home.

Michelle is traveling the country teaching inner city kids to plant vegetable gardens while the leader of the free world is thumbing his nose at her. She is obviously in great shape - she looks like she could have played power forward for the now defunct Miami Sol, but her best efforts are going to fall flat on little ears as long as it seems even her husband doesn't pay her any mind.

He's like the "cool" dad, the one that lets you feed your vegetables to the dog when mom isn't looking, the one that lets you eat that extra piece of cake, again, when mom isn't looking, the one that you basically lose all respect for by the time you hit your teen years.

Stop trying to be so cool, Barack. We need you to be a role model, not a friend.

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Ily Goyanes
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