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Bar Crudo in SoFi Is Your New Favorite Date Spot

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She's serving whiskey sloshed with bitters to locals in Havaianas. She's raving about the hamachi -- thin slivers of yellowtail folded over avocado mousse, chorizo salt, and edamame. It's the perfect plate to share with a date, particularly one who enjoys drinks served in mason jars with paper straws.

In August, Andy Travaglia debuted Bar Crudo, her second spot in this tony beach district. She also owns Lee & Marie's Cakery, a charming bakery with an outpost in New York. At Bar Crudo, Travaglia teamed up with chef Reto Von Weissenfluh. They stocked the kitchen with sous-vide machines and induction burners, but skipped on the ovens and stoves. This new place, adorned with a Roy Lichtenstein-like mural of women in provocative stances, attracts a more grown-up crowd.

Here, Kings of Leon croon from surrounding speakers. A cute girl snaps a photo of her dessert and flirts with her boyfriend. The bar, lined with mismatched tiles and worn wooden shelves, takes up half the space. Everyone around it is washing down their ceviche with a drink.

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Emily Codik