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Bagel Cove's Nova Platter Nothing Special at $11.29

John Zur
Nova Platter with Bialy Bagel
Harriet & Bob's Bagel Cove is celebrating its 22nd anniversary. The place is loved and almost always busy. But unfortunately, the decor doesn't seem to have changed since the '80s. From semi-circular, heavily-padded booths to the booth-table hybrids, to school cafeteria tables and chairs -- all in neutral colors -- the interior is outdated and bland. And space between tables is tight.

Turning tables is the name of the game at Bagel Cove. Often, the hostess doesn't budge from her spot near the front door. Instead, she communicates with hand gestures to the busers, who then direct guests to vacant, but yet-to-be-cleared, tables. Our table, for example, featured a plate of half-eaten pastries and a third of a cup of lukewarm coffee upon arrival.

In a stressed-out swoop, our visibly overwhelmed server picked up the plate of pastries and cup o' joe as she set down two sets of silverware. She left, but soon returned with two menus and asked for our beverage order.

The coffee tasted a bit burnt. The nova and cream cheese on a bagel ($11.29) came with lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, carrot, and pepper. It's nothing special and leaves out such staples of a nova platter including capers and lemon. The bialy bagel was big and chewy; a decent bagel, overall. This is definitely not the best nova platter in town, especially at the price it's at

Harriet & Bob's Bagel Cove
19003 Biscayne Blvd., Aventura

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John Zur