Bacon Stocking Stuffers: Ten Gifts Under $20

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Christmas is right around the corner and you're on a mission to find a gift for the bacon lover in your life.

Sure you could go to the grocer and buy a package of meat, but why not be creative and get him or her something that requires some serious thought (plus the great taste of bacon).

We've compiled a list of ten pork-related gifts, all under $20.

10. Bacon syrup
If your loved one enjoys flavored lattes with their bacon and eggs but just doesn't have the time for a sit-down breakfast, why not give them Torani's bacon flavored syrup? Now your favorite Type-A personality can enjoy the great taste of bacon in their to-go cappuccino. $6.95 at Torani.com.

9 . Bacon Toothpicks
Ever go out with your favorite bacon lover only to watch them try to pry some piggy remnants from their back molar? These bacon toothpicks are a thoughtful gift. Instead of mint, your favorite carnivore can get their teeth clean with the fresh scent of bacon. $1.68 at Buy.com.

8. Bacon Dental Floss
Show a loved one you're concerned about their dental health and their love of bacon with this bacon-flavored floss. Also perfect for tying a ham before roasting. $3.99 at Amazon.com.

7. Bacon Lip Balm
Don't you love when your lips are all slick with bacon grease after an exceptionally long breakfast? Give this bacon lip balm for soft, kissable, bacony lips. $3.99 at ThinkGeek.com.

6. Bacon Candy Canes
Because peppermint is so boring. These candy canes look just like the regular kind, but imaging the delight on little Timmy and Sally's faces when they taste the salty, smokey taste of their favorite meat candy in these canes. $4.74 at ArchieMcPhee.com.

5. Bacon Is My Co-Pilot T-Shirt
It's no secret that bacon is almost sacred. This shirt shows your worship of bacon. Besides, who would you rather have when your car breaks down on the side of the road and the tow truck is going to take an hour to get to you - Jesus or bacon? $19 at Baconwrappedtees.com.

4. Maple Bacon Coffee
Mornings and bacon go together. What better way to wake up the household, then by having the aroma of freshly brewed bacon waft its way through the house? The perfect cup of pig for Christmas morning. $7.99 at BocaJava.com.

3. My First Bacon
Teach your kids from an early age that cute pigs are meant to be killed and turned into delicious bacon with this adorable stuffed toy. The bacon's mouth moves and says "I'm bacon". Perfect for counter-attacking that annoying Charlotte's Web movie (since when do pigs beg for their lives, anyhow?). $14.99 at ThinkGeek.com.

2. Bacon Panties
If you're lucky enough to be dating a chick hot enough to look good in a G-string who also loves bacon, buddy you've got your present already, so don't bother asking Santa for a thing. You should, however, get that meat-loving girl of yours these Bacon Panties by Cafe Press ($12.50).

1. Bacon Lube
Forget all those strawberry and chocolate cherry flavored lubes and gels. When it comes to giving and getting some good lovin' you really want to get to the meat of the matter, so to speak. And we guarantee he'll be more into the bacon flavor than guava/pineapple (hint, hint). Plus, according to the manufacturer, it's vegan-safe, so you and your PETA-friendly partner can be makin' bacon without hurting Miss Piggy. $11.99 at JD's.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.