Back to School: Are Miami Culinary Schools Up to Chop?

You don't have to be a genius to know that Miami is a cultural and culinary Mecca. Just close your eyes and throw a rock and you'll hit 3 to 50 eateries glorifying international cuisines. And let's face it, one thing we know how to do well in Miami is eat.

Some cuisiniers have degrees from elite culinary academies, years of restaurant experience and their own prestigious food establishments. Others simply don't need the razzle dazzle of it all to love to cook. So whether you're on a righteous path to becoming the Next Food Network Star, starting a trend to conquer the food truck, or just want to make some tasty treats in your own kitchen, it doesn't hurt to brush up on your basics.

Below you'll find a quick list of culinary schools, all located in

Miami. We will cover the fundamentals: cost, reputation, location, and

most importantly, the "what's in it for me (WIFM)" category.


schools require a HS diploma (or equivalent) prior to entry. AS

degrees are two-year programs, while BS degrees usually last four years. Be

warned, many are expensive and ask students to shell out a lot of dough

(food pun intended, high prices not so funny, though). Alright let's take

a look at our options, shall we!

This list is arranged from most expensive to least expensive.

Courtesy of JWU
Chocolate Architecture
Johnson & Wales

AAS Degree in Culinary Arts, BS Baking & Pastry Art, and BS Culinary Nutrition


Annual Tuition is $17,652 with Room & Board at $6,500/year.


Daddy Warbucks exterior with an Orphan Annie learning experience. (i.e. It's expensive but

students say

the hard work pays off)


1701 NE 127th St, North Miami


Student to Teacher ratio is 18:1. Offers a solid group of degrees that

will instill the necessary knowledge needed to make it in the food

industry. It's also always ranked in the top 10 best culinary schools in

the US.

Courtesy of LCB
You can't have this until you look into my eyes first.
Le Cordon Bleu

AS Degree in Culinary Operations, AS Degree in Hospitality &

Restaurant Management, BA in Culinary Management, and Certificates in

Baking & Pastry Art, as well as Culinary Arts.
Cost: $17,550/yearly

Reputation: The cool, hip uncle you always looked up to. You know

the one; he cracks sly jokes, he's been to Europe and back, and cuts

the BS to give you good, solid advice. (i.e., They know what they're

doing, and they happen to do it well)

Location: 3221 Enterprise Way, Miramar

WIFM: Well known around the world. Actually, it's the most known

around the world. They have a school just about everywhere there are

affluent mouths to feed and aspiring chefs to teach. It's also

another school that is always ranked in the top 10 best culinary schools

in the US.

Courtesy of MCI
Did you see that guy fall down across the street
Miami Culinary Institute

AS Degree in Culinary Arts



Reputation: New Kid on the Block. MCI is starting its second semester this fall.

Location: MDC Wolfson Campus. 415 NE 2nd Ave #9104, Miami

WIFM: Offers a degree program at a school that has its finger

on the pulse of the culinary world of today. They also offer a dizzying

long list of

affordable cooking classes if you'd like some hands-on training but

aren't quite willing to fork over so much cash for tuition just yet.

Courtesy of SIC
It's 11:25 in this picture, bet you didn't notice
San Ignacio College

AS Degree in Culinary Arts



Reputation: Lemonade stand youngster. (i.e., Boutique-store college located in a shopping center.)

Location:10395 NW 41 St., Miami

WIFM: If you want a casual and flexible learning experience, this will most likely fit the bill.

Courtesy of Rouxbe
Darn right, I'm cooking up a storm!

Online Cooking School: Rouxbe

Online classes, videos, quizzes & more in the comfort of your casa, wherever it may be.


$240/yearly or $30/month

Reputation: The young twenty-something with business savvy.(i.e., Rave reviews with foodie minds everywhere)

Location: Your kitchen is now your classroom!

WIFM: The site is run by an accomplished chef, breaking down the

basics to make it easy to learn. This is ideal for inquiring home cooks

and inspiring chefs wanting to beef up their knowledge on all

that is food.This site is BIG amongst food bloggers everywhere, and

where they sing Rouxbe's praises their readers follow.


question of whether Miami Culinary Schools are up to chop is really up

to you. We hear from some chefs, who hail from certain Northern

boroughs, that Miami is definitely not up to snuff yet. Sure we may not

have a CIA (Culinary Institute of America- currently ranked #1

everywhere in culinary arts education) but we have a multifaceted city just raring to show off what it can do.  And

if we're lucky, CIA will open up shop down here some day.

When it

comes down to it, what's needed is for you to acquire some cooking knowledge. Finding the school that works best for your needs will take a

little more sleuthing to reach your goal, which is, after all, making

an accomplished and appetizing meal people will crave to eat.

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