At Alessandrina Lerner's Mind-Body Cleanse, Miami Can Shed Toxins Without Spending A Fortune

Many people I know who go to extremes in the world of health have been driven there by extremely negative or toxic experiences. Alessandrina Lerner is no exception. A French expat, Lerner was handed over to the care of the state at the age of 14 when her alcoholic father was deemed a risk to her safety. "It's not a very good story. He was very abusive," she said.

That's the same year Lerner became a vegetarian and began a journey of cleansing and self-discovery. "From there, my awareness kept growing. [When I ate animal products] I could just feel the suffering of the animals, so I just couldn't do it. I found yoga through meditation, and continued to try to figure out why I'm here and who I am."

Now in her early forties, she's a vegan who fluctuates between raw foods and macrobiotics. More importantly, she's dedicated herself completely to helping others detoxify both physically and spiritually. She's just recently teamed up with a Sadhu, a local Kundalini yogi and a spiritual guide to augment her program further. Together, they offer a thorough week-long detox program that even non-celebrities can afford.

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Camille Lamb Guzman is a journalist who writes on wellness, travel, and culture. She is also finishing a book of creative nonfiction.