Artichoke Foods Delivers Plant-Based Meals Throughout Miami

When Maria Alemann got pregnant two years ago, she quickly realized how challenging it was to find healthy, organic, and easily accessible plant-based foods. Working full-time, she didn't have the hours or energy to spend slaving away in the kitchen to feed herself and her growing offspring. Couldn't healthy eating be easier, she wondered? 

The experience inspired the Argentine-born vegetarian to start Artichoke Foods, a plant-based meal delivery company. Launched last year, it services Miami-Dade and Broward counties with options like broccoli spinach soup ($8.99), meatless potato pie ($12.99), a Buddha bowl ($13.49), and Indian spinach ($12.99). All ingredients are GMO-free, organic, and all-natural.

Alemann has been living in the States since 1998 and has worked in a host of eateries, from coffee shops to juice bars to steakhouses. Her food service experience has helped her gain an understanding of the power of food to help and heal. 

"I don't believe people should sacrifice health for anything else. I know how hard it is to feed your baby and to make sure you're also getting all the nutrients you need to avoid getting sick," she says. 

The company is also making an effort to be as sustainable as possible. All packaging is recyclable and made from plants, and the labels are made from stone versus paper. "This is very important to us because we really believe in the idea of being a conscious company paying attention to every single detail," she says.

When it comes to ordering, the Artichoke process is simple. Customers can place orders online at artichokefoods.com by Sunday of each week. The food is prepared fresh and then shipped the following week. 

"This project is my passion," Alemann says. "I love what I do because it's my way of helping heal our world, our bodies, and our future. Artichoke is about responsibility, it's about compassion, it's about justice, and it's about taking care of yourself and helping people."  

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