Art Miami and Context: The Most Intriguing Food Art We've Seen

Sure, art "feeds your soul," but if you were trapped on a deserted island for a year which would you rather have -- a Rembrandt or a year's supply of bacon and bourbon?

And yet, we agree there is a time when food and art intersect. A chef can create a dish that's as visually stunning as it is delicious. And, in turn, food can act as a muse for painters and sculptors who see the beauty in the curve of an apple or the texture of a cheese.

With an eye for art and an empty stomach, we took in two of Midtown's biggest art week shows, Art Miami and Context. Trends we spotted? Sweets are sinful and kids can be really creepy.

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Meltdowns by Desire Obtain Cherish

Red Hots Rita by Mel Ramos

Far Flung Fruit by Eric Forstmann

Goldfish by Zhang Peng

Title Unknown by Jorge Santos

Boxed Doughnuts by Peter Anton

Ngolin, Ghent by Maeline Von Foerster

Sugar & Gomorrah by Peter Anton (exterior of interactive ride/art)

Sugar & Gomorrah by Peter Anton (interior of interactive ride/art)

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