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Art Basel: The Most Artistic Cocktails in Miami

About now you've driven around for miles looking for some parking spot under $50, walked miles in shoes that hurt, downed your fair share of cheese cubes, and pondered both art and the throngs of "interesting" fairgoers. 

- Art Miami and Context: The Most Intriguing Food Art We've Seen

We're not mind readers, but we'll bet good money you need a drink.

Since this week is all about beautiful things, we figure you might want to drink in the art, so to speak. 

We've "curated" a list of the most beautiful libations in Miami, all of which are significantly cheaper (and tastier) than that lithograph you were eyeing.

Yardbird Southern Table and Bar's Big Ass Mint Julep
This cocktail, made with Maker's Mark, fresh mint and sugar, recalls a genteel Southern existence. But what makes this drink so beautiful is the way the silver cup frosts over when the crushed ice-filled drink is served to you. Some may call that performance art. We call if refreshing ($13).

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar's Artist Inspired Cocktails
It seems natural that this restaurant, adjacent to Wynwood Walls and in the center of Miami's hottest gallery district, would find inspiration in the artists that are inspired by this very neighborhood. After admiring the works of Kenny Scharf, Christian Awe, Shepard Fairy, and Ron English, it's only fitting to raise a glass with a cocktail named after them ($12-14).

Haven's Cryo Cocktails
Haven's cocktail program is unique and elaborate. Mixologist Isaac Grillo turns ordinary cocktails into extraordinary works of art.  Haven's cryo cocktails resemble a good witch's brew, with icy smoke trailing from the glass. Like any good potion, all it takes is one sip to have you under its spell ($17).

Living Room's Stained Glass Cocktails
Mixologist and author Scott Beattie has created a line of cocktails for the Living Room t the W Hotel South Beach that are beautiful on so many levels. Made with fresh fruit, herbs, small-batch spirits, and house-made infusions, they'd be enjoyable on their own. But before you take a sip, take a look. Cucumbers, naturally dyed with fruit juice, float in the glass. Ice resembles diamonds. Edible flowers add depth and color. Exquisite art in a glass.

The Bazaar By Jose Andres' Bumble Bee Sour
Every cocktail at The Bazaar at the SLS South Beach is whimsical and surprising, from the Hemingway's Mistress that comes with a lime-flavored edible lipstick to the liquid nitrogen caipirinha. But prepared to be enchanted by the Bumblebee Sour, a classic sour made with honey-infused syrup, egg whites, and El Dorado 5 year rum, topped with a gorgeous bee ($16).

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