Museum of Ice Cream
Museum of Ice Cream
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Art Basel 2017: Miami Food and Drink Guide

Art Basel and Miami Art Week are in full swing with paintings, activations, and events popping up around town.

With so much to do, you'll need to keep your energy.

We've rounded up some stories that share the best places to eat and drink in Miami during Art Basel, along with food- and drink-related events, pop-ups, and other worthwhile diversions.

Museum of Ice CreamEXPAND
Museum of Ice Cream
Courtesy of Katie Gibbs

Art Basel 2017: Restaurant and Food Event Guide. Miami Art Week is upon us, celebrating human expression and the infinite ways art can transpire. Local eateries are dishing out art you can eat — hands-on, sensory explorations that won't cost you your retirement fund. So whether you're an art snob or amateur, these culinary creations will sate your art fervor with something you can really sink your teeth into. Here's your guide to pop-up restaurants and food-related events during Art Basel.

Photo courtesy of Boxelder

Art Basel 2017: Miami Beer and Brewery Events. This December, Miami breweries and craft beer bars are letting everyone in town for Art Basel know that the Magic City has a beer scene. Beer events begin before the official start of Basel and run throughout the week and beyond. They include anniversary block parties, tap takeovers, and artist meet-and-greets. Here are highlights of the best beer-related events during Miami Art Week.

Chevre cheesecake at Brava.
Chevre cheesecake at Brava.
Photo by Juan Fernando Ayora / Adrienne Arsht Center

Miami's Ten Most Artistic Dishes. It’s true: We eat with our eyes. Thanks to local restaurants blurring the boundary between food and art, Miamians can enjoy an exquisite selection of gastronomic masterpieces — from vibrant seafood stunners to jaw-dropping desserts — that are as delicious as they are stunning.
Artistic Restaurants Fill South Beach and Wynwood for Art Basel. It's a Monday afternoon, and R House in Wynwood is quiet. A scant few diners munch on arugula salads and margherita pizzas. But the place is not devoid of color. A painting on one wall shows jellyfish swimming gracefully in an orange sea. Another depicts a field of blush-colored flowers swaying in the wind. And in a third, a glitter-covered white astronaut floats in blue space.
The Ten Best Wynwood Restaurants. There's no denying it: Wynwood is becoming a food mecca. Turn back the clock a decade, though, and there was virtually nowhere to grab a bite. Joey's changed that fact in 2008, when Tony Goldman saw a gourmet future for the neighborhood. Today Wynwood is the place to go for the city's most creative restaurants. Slowly but surely, Miami's arts district is putting as much emphasis on food and drinks as it does on graffiti. And there are no signs of slowing.

Stubborn SeedEXPAND
Stubborn Seed
Courtesy of Grove Bay Hospitality

The Ten Best South Beach Restaurants. Yes, South Beach is filled with tourists wearing "I'm in Miami, Bitch" T-shirts. But that's only one side of the Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue fence. The greener, South of Fifth neighborhood boasts South Pointe Park, with sweeping views of the Magic City, as well as one of the area's most iconic and longest-standing eateries, Joe's Stone Crab.

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