Elba Travin has been running the Argie Cafe  in downtown Fort Lauderdale with her husband, Nestor, for eight years. They serve Argentine food, empanadas, pizza, and sandwiches. Elba told me that the empanada flavors they sell the most of are

Argie Cafe -- Fort Lauderdale Empanada Shop Serves 'Em Up Hot and Fresh

beef, ham and cheese, and portobello chicken and cheese. If those aren't your speed, don't worry; she's got 20 to choose from. How 'bout the chicken caprese? That's chicken, tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, and onion.

I went with the Chicken Tropical. That's "pollo, mango, y jalapeno." Elba says it's good "because is a little sweet and a little spicy."

She also brought me a side of chimichurri sauce, a great complement to the ingenious self- contained snack meal that is the empanada.

When I asked Elba how business was going in the current economic climate, she said,  "Sometimes is busy, sometimes is not, but is good, is good." Here are some more shots of the shop, including proof that Rachel Ray has been there.

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