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Miami New Times archives week of October 5 - 11, 1988

Archive Diver: Luigis Cafe Bistro Free Beer Ad from 1988

Free beer!

That rallying cry is a valued, age-old method to draw a crowd. Like:

"Dude, my little sister's hamster passed away and she's having a funeral and burial ceremony for it. Do you wanna go?"

"Uhhm, nah that sounds lame I'll pass"

"There's gonna be free beer."

"Right. I'm in. And I'm telling everybody."

So it is with an eye toward our current economic plight that I suggest restaurants engage their value cannons and fire off as many rounds of free beer as their pockets will support.

Check out this Luigi's Cafe Bistro (10121 Sunset Drive) ad from a 1988 issue of the New Times. Not only do they redub happy hour as "Be Happy Specials," they offer "For drinkers...Every 3rd beer free," and also, "With every $4.95 munchie plate, you get a free beer."

That's two "free beer" and one "munchies" reference on the same page. If this place was still open I'd go there right now.

Anybody ever heard of it or been there? Leave a comment.


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