Archive Diver: 1988 Classifieds and Memories of Old Miami-Dade

Full time, nights, bilingual, new club...guess in some ways Miami Beach hasn't changed much at all since 1988.

The classified clipping at right was pulled from a November 1988 issue of the Miami New Times. The first two listings don't name the place that's hiring, but maybe somebody out there on the worldwide information superhighway remembers a joint named Scratch.

If so leave a comment, tell us a story.

On a different, but related note, old Dade County comments, stories, and the like can be found on an excellent local website out up by a dude named Don Boyd.

Click here for old Miami-Dade memories of this sort "The opening of Dadeland Shopping Center with a grocery store (Food Fair, later Grand Union) on the north side just west of Burdines. It was enclosed and air-conditioned years later."


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Jacob Katel
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